Who we are

We’re StreetChange, a social enterprise with the mission of using technology to help the homeless and vulnerable here in the UK. In a digital age where technology allows us to achieve so much, we believe that it is our responsibility to harness its power and ensure that everyone has access to the basic needs they deserve.

We believe that the key to ending homelessness is engagement and have developed some great solutions that will allow you to really help another person and show them that you care.

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How you can get involved

We know that passing someone in need can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. You want to help, but might think that donating to those on the street could fuel addiction and only do more harm than good. You might not even carry spare change anymore and don’t know how you can help. That's why we're developing StreetChange Fundraising.



Profiles are Created

With the help of local organisations, those who are in need can create profiles that will be displayed here on our site.


Funds are raised

You can donate directly towards specific goals that individuals need to improve their lives. 100% of your donation will arrive at the neighbours you reach out to.


Funds are redeemed

Trusted partner social service organisations, will make purchases with the funds we receive, on behalf of our registered members.


you get updates

We send you updates with a response from who you have helped. You’ll also have the option to share with friends on social media to raise awareness, throughout the cause.


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